VMS - Video Rate Microscopy

The VMS features a high-speed polygonal scanner coupled with sensitive detectors, with a video-rate acquisition speed of 30 FPS (frames per second) at 1024 by 512 pixels and up to 480 FPS at 1024 by 32 pixels. VMS ultra-fast scanning is ideal for any in vivo imaging applications that require high temporal resolution such as neural imaging, high-speed membrane channel imaging, and optogenetics. In contrast to resonant scanners the VMS’ polygonal scanner produces a constant 18kHz horizontal scan for superior timing precision and a 75% larger FOV.

SLAM - Super-resolution for Multi-Photon

Switching LAser Mode (SLAM) microcopy can increase the resolution of any laser-scanning imaging system. SLAM is based upon the emission differential between Gaussian and annular laser excitation modes, works brilliantly with live and fixed samples and can be used on living animals.  SLAM microscopy does not require special dyes or dye combination. Moreover, SLAM does not bleach or deplete fluorescence so samples can be imaged multiple times.

Axicon - Bessel beam module

Acquisition of 3D volumes instead of 2D plane occurs Axicon mediated excitation and emission which results in a Bessel beam that drastically increases the depth of field. The Axicon’s module can support visible or infrared light, allowing the module to be integrated into multiphoton and visible light confocal systems.  The Axicon module is available for retrofit into any scanning microscope or inclusion into the Bliq VMS.

SPARQ - Fast speckle-based optical sectioning

Cost-effectively improve the axial resolution and optical sectioning of your existing widefield microscope using the Sparq module. Bliq Photonics’ compact solution includes a laser combiner with up to 7 excitation wavelengths, the Sparq module, a 2048 by 2048 sCMOS camera, an Apple computer/monitor, and Bliq’s Nirvana imaging software. Importantly, the Sparq add-on still allows your microscope to perform conventional widefield imaging.




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